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Durable Floors to Enhance Every Area of Your Home

Your home is your greatest investment, and choosing the right flooring materials is an essential part of safeguarding its value. Since 2019, TruTech has been an industry leader in residential floor coatings, and we offer a variety of customizable flooring products that will hold up to even the toughest wear and tear for years to come. For the ultimate in both durability and décor-enhancing style, our floor coating products will significantly improve the look and functionality of any area of your home. 

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Custom Products Built for Your Needs

From residential garage floor coating systems to the toughest industrial environments, our products are designed for any application.

Expert One-Day Installation Services

Your time is valuable, and we respect your busy schedule by having our certified installers get in and out in less than a day.

Highly Competitive Warranty Options

We believe in the benefits of the products and services we provide, which is why we offer a 15-year product warranty with every installation.

Customer Testimonials

High-Quality Basement Floor Coating

Cracked, uneven, and permeable floors in the basement can be a safety hazard and a threat to your home’s integrity by providing easy access to moisture and pests. With any of TruTech’s highly durable epoxy and polyuria basement floor coating systems, those worries will be a thing of the past! Choose from a variety of custom colors and surfaces with our basement and garage floor coating products for a look that suits your style preferences, and enjoy the benefits of increasing the useable floor space in your home.

Durable and Stylish Pool Deck Flooring

A stylish pool deck can make your yard look great, but it also needs to function as a safe and durable landscape feature that can withstand heavy foot traffic, pool chemicals and weather extremes. Featuring non-slip textures and boasting weather-resistant properties, our pool deck concrete floor coatings are UV stable, self-leveling, and can be installed in as little as just one day!

Patio Concrete Floor Coating Systems

Is your outdoor patio living space meeting all of the needs of your family? Patios should provide a functional and comfortable area for relaxing and entertaining, and a high-quality floor system is an important first step towards creating your outdoor dream space. TruTech will help you find the right patio floor coating to meet your unique needs, and with countless tint and customization options, it won’t be hard to find the perfect product to boost the value and style of your patio for many seasons to come.